Top 5 Places to Get Wings During the Pandy

‘Sure could go for some wings…’ is not only written at the top of this site, not only something I tweet about a few times a week, but also something I think to myself just about every single day. 

In short, wings bring happiness, and happiness is sometimes in short supply during the pandy. This isn’t meant to be a be-all end-all, but rather five places I have hit recently that are still serving great wings during these **gestures around** uncertain times.

5. Bunny’s – NE & St Louis Park – They have 10 different flavors that are all legit, but the centerpiece is the King’s Royal wing which is a legendary dry rub here in the Twin Cities

4. NOLOs Kitchen & Bar – North Loop – Everything on the menu is top-notch at NOLOs and the wings are no exception. You can get their incredible dry-rub or you can get them sauced. They are open for delivery/takeout/and dine-in right now during the ‘tine.

3. Green Mill – Throughout the Twin Cities – The best chain restaurant wings in the entire world and I will challenge anybody to a best two-outta-three Duck Hunt match that says otherwise. All their flavors are incredible, but go ahead and treat yourself to some Diablos. That sweet-heat with the chopped up bell peppers on top will have you believing in a higher power. 

2. Pimento Jamaican Kitchen – Eat Street – Not only does Pimento have some of the best wings in town, but what they have done since the protests following the muder of George Floyd has been nothing short of inspiring. You can order online or have them dropped off via Grub Hub which is their preferred delivery service

1. Runyons – North Loop – The hands down best wings in the Twin Cities and it isn’t even a question. The saucy true buffalo flavor of these wings will never be topped. They are open each day at 3pm during the pandy.