Welcome to WesselMania

Well hello there! Welcome to my new website. 

If you are here, especially on the day it launched, there is a good chance you know me. If not, you can head over to the About page for some silly anecdotes. Or hit the handy dandy Contact page if you wanna get in touch. 

I have wanted to start my own website for like a decade. A site where I can just write about things that I find fun and interesting. I recently got laid off from my job as a morning radio host and figured no time like the present. I want to have something to keep my brain sharp and the creativity flowing while I decide what is next for me career-wise. Hopefully something more productive than Ben Wyatt’s claymation after he got laid off on Parks and Rec

If you follow me on Twitter or ever listened to ‘Ben and Dana then you can probably guess what kinda content you will be getting on here. The old saying goes something like “write what you know.” Well here are a few things that I know a good deal about: wings, movies, pop culture, soccer, old school video games, bandannas as a fashion accessory, the finer points of the Fast & Furious films, and bothering local politicians about getting a water slide built. 

I plan on writing a bunch of new stuff, like this guide to getting wings during the pandy, as well as occasionally post some older stuff I have written that still holds up, like this deep statistical dive into the Mighty Ducks films and my rankings of all 38 goals they scored. I mean, what kinda internet would this be without that Ducks content? Not an internet I would want to have any part of thank you very much!

Hope you enjoy the site WesselMania.com (also Dana Wessel.com redirects here as well, fyi). I have no doubt there are a ton of bugs or things that need fixing because, as I said, I have never done this before. But sometimes you just gotta hit publish and smooth the edges as you go. Much like everything in life, it is a work in progress. 

Lastly, if you like the banner art, and you should because it rules, it was designed by my guy Kush Picasso. Contact him if you wanna hire him for all your graphic design needs. The dude is a wizard.