Iron Door Pub to Have Grand Reopening in October

Rejoice, wing fans. Iron Door Pub is set to have a grand reopening next month giving us some much-needed good news in 2020.

The popular Lyn-Lake spot has been closed since the protests following the murder of George Floyd. A small fire was set inside the bar causing the sprinkler system to go off all night causing a lot of damage.

Management of the bar told me they don’t have a firm date yet (hence the question mark on the banner) but they are hoping to be back up and running in about three weeks. On top of their regular dine-in service they plan to add a new food delivery option for people wary about going out during COVID. Getting some blackened buffalo wings delivered to my door sounds like heaven.

Full disclosure it isn’t clear: I am a huge fan of this place. Their food is amazing and I constantly have their wings in my top 5 in the state rankings. Their staff are some of the absolute best around. I one time left my wallet there. The waitress looked at my name from my driver’s license and sent me a Facebook message that she had it safe and secure. How cool is that?

So yes, 2020 isn’t all bad news. Pumped for them to open back up so I can keep supporting them. I am drooling just thinking about those blackened buffalo wings.