You Really Should Be Watching Ted Lasso

I know, I know. People saying “YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS SHOW!” is really annoying. Especially in the days of countless streaming services where there are more shows than you could ever possibly consume. 

That being said, YOU HAVE TO WATCH TED LASSO. It is a show so pure and wonderful that it fills your heart with so much happiness. It is the exact show the world needs right now. Jason Sudekis plays the title coach with so much warmth and charm. Lasso immediately belongs in the conversation for best TV character in recent memory. 

The show has no business being this good, either. It is based on a short-lived NBC soccer promo about an American football coach who ends up a soccer coach in England. Fish out of water! You can’t use your hands in this game?! I cringed so hard when I saw they were attempting to make a show out of the bit but I have never been so happy to be so wrong. 

Ted Lasso is on Apple+, which again, is a bummer because who needs one more streaming service to add to the monthly bill, right? But here is the good news. Sign up for that free one week trial. You will be able to get caught up for when the season finale comes out Friday. Just don’t forget to cancel the trial like I always do.