I Miss Concerts

I miss concerts. 

I miss that feeling when your favorite band announces a show.  

I miss checking the calendar to see what night of the week it falls on. 

I miss texting friends to figure out the plan for getting tickets.

I (even) miss paying those damn service fees. 

I miss the thrill of seeing the date on the calendar coming up. 

I miss the anticipation when you are waiting in line outside with your ticket in hand. 

I miss dropping cash at the merch stand once you are inside. 

I miss the sight of the stage before they go on. 

I miss bonding with the people around you over your mutual love of the band.

I miss that feeling of excitement in your chest when the lights go down and the band walks out.

I miss hearing that opening riff. 

I miss losing my voice from screaming and singing along with every song. 

I miss walking out of the venue with my ears ringing and my heart full of happiness. 

I miss concerts.