Why I Am Actually Excited About the Fast Franchise Coming to an End.

I got a barrage of tweets and texts Tuesday evening when some big news broke that the Fast and Furious would be coming to an end after the 10th and 11th movie.

You are fair to wonder what it says about me as a person that friends felt the need to check-in to see how I was handling the news that “vroom vroom car” movies were ending. But that is a question for another day. Today I wanna talk about how not only was I not disappointed by the news they are wrapping up the Fast franchise, I am actually delighted. 

Now, to be clear, Fast is far and away my favorite movie series ever. They delight me to no end and bring me so much joy and not in any ironic fashion. I genuinely love these movies. So why am I happy they are ending?

A few reasons. First of all, it gives a solid endgame in sight for the writers to really stick the landing of Dom Toretto and his family. Rather than just continually cranking out sequels it will give them a chance to bring things to a logical conclusion. Yes, I know using the word ‘logical’ when talking about a film series where they once took down an army plane with cars is ridiculous. 

We also still have THREE more Fast movies to go. Remember, Fast 9 was delayed because of COVID. That is like at least nine more hours of Dom and the crew defying every law of physics and gravity with automobiles. I will take that! That is three more experiences to look forward to. Three more exciting opening nights (hopefully) at movie theaters.

Lastly, all good things must come to an end. It is better to leave the party too early then too late (spare me your jokes about Fast already staying too long). Plus, there is talk of continuing spin-off movies. I hope they finally get to the all-women Fast movie starring Michelle Rodriguez. Maybe way down the line the sons of Paul Walker and Vin Diesel’s characters get into the family business. Plus, do we really need a 80-year old Dom Toretto driving too slow in the left lane while he fumbles around his glove compartment for his driving glasses?

So there you have it. This is why the announced conclusion of my beloved Fast franchise is actually a good thing. I mean it. I am serious. No, I am not crying. Stop looking at me! This is a good thing. I think. I hope. 

Screw it. I am gonna go watch Fast Five.