Have You Missed Ben and Dana? Good News!

Well hello there! Long time no talk. A few months to be exact. In case you hadn’t heard, Ben and I used to a do a morning radio show together here in the Twin Cities for about five years until we we were let go (no pun intended).

We decided the time was right to get back together and do a podcast. You can listen to our very first episode and hear our emotional reunion and how happy I was to hear his sexy voice again in studio-quality headphones.

The pod will continue to evolve and get more polished but we just wanted to jump in and get started because quite frankly, we missed each other and talking to all of you.

It was such an honor making all your Mornings Suck Less for so long. The friendships and connections we made with everyone that listened to our show mean the world to us and will carry on for life. We appreciate all the overwhelmingly kind words when we got cut and all the people who continue to check in on us. We hope everyone keeps interacting with the podcast as well. That was always our favorite part of the show — it is just as much about you as it is us. Please email, call, text, DM, show up at Ben’s house uninvited asking to see the meat freezer, whatever.

Lastly, I just want to say the picture used for this post is a few years old and by no means a reflection of what we look like during COVID. It was honestly one of the only pictures of the two of us I could find where we weren’t in the old studio, wearing station t-shirts, etc. Plus, maybe seeing it will give me motivation to go for a run later. What? Well would you look at that. It’s snowing. Maybe tomorrow.