My Beloved Brit’s Pub to Remain Closed for the Winter

Looks like we are going to have to wait until spring for our next plate of fish and chips or Sir Winston’s Cheese Toasty, friends. The manager of Brit’s Pub confirmed they will be closed for the winter with the plan to reopen next spring.

My home away from home has been closed since late August after a fire during protests in Minneapolis. The main damage came from the sprinklers going off throughout the night. My heart breaks thinking about all the unique mementos and decorations hanging throughout that presumably got ruined. And I mean all of them, not just the Chelsea FC ones.

Even without the fire, the decision to stay closed through the winter does make sense with the COVID numbers skyrocketing here in Minnesota. Their massive deck and rooftop lawn that made social distancing easy throughout the summer obviously wouldn’t be in play this winter. Although, if given the opportunity, I would gladly put on some snow pants and sit criss-cross-applesauce on the lawn with an Irish Coffee while watching a match in December. I, however, am guessing I am in the minority there.

There is a GoFundMe setup for the wonderful employees at Brit’s who will continue to be out of work. If you have a few extra bucks to send their way it would be greatly appreciated. The staff at Brit’s truly are special. What other place in Minneapolis happily opens their doors for loud and obnoxious soccer fans at 6am in the dead of winter. Seriously, close your eyes for a second and imagine hearing me yell “COME ON YOU FUCKING BLUES!!!” at your job before the sun even came up. These people are saints.

So a toast to Brit’s Pub. Here is to them coming back better than ever before this spring. Meet me up on the lawn for a pint, yeah?