What’s Wessel Watching – December 1st

We are all stuck at home. We are all desperate for things to watch. To save you some time sifting through the countless streaming services I semi-regularly post things I have caught recently – both new and old – that I have dug. No refunds if you watch something I liked and hated it. That is a you problem, not a me problem. 

The Holiday Movies That Made Us – Two episodes available on Netflix

We got a nice surprise with a two episode holiday spinoff of the insanely delightful ‘The Movies That Made U’s. If you haven’t seen it (also on Netflix and HIGHLY recommend), it is a series of hour long documentaries about the movies that, well, made us. Season one looks at ‘Die Hard’, ‘Home Alone’, ‘Ghostbusters’, and ‘Dirty Dancing.’ They tell the story behind how some of the classics were made by talking to writers, directors, producers, actors, etc. and it is all packaged and told in a a fun, fresh, irreverent way. 

The holiday spinoff takes a look at ‘Elf’ and ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas.’ I watched the ‘Elf’ episode and it was so heartwarming I found myself crying at the end. The story behind everybody’s favorite grown smiley elf will give you a new appreciation for the holiday classic. 

Verdict: Five Servings of Breakfast Spaghetti out of Five. 

Atlanta – Both seasons available on Hulu 

Another one of those shows I hadn’t caught yet but knew I would love based the reaction people I trust had over it. I binged both seasons of the brilliant Donald Glover creation in less than a week and have even gone back and rewatched certain episodes, especially Teddy Perkins, which may be one of the best episodes of television I have ever seen. 

There is really nothing more I can say about Atlanta that hasn’t already been said much more eloquently than I could possibly dream of saying. But if you are like me and haven’t seen it yet, I cannot recommend it strongly enough, especially with season three coming in 2021. 

Verdict: Five Paper Bois out of Five. 

Saved by the Bell Reboot – All ten episodes of season one on Peacock

Well holy crap, this had no business being this good. As I wrote in a recap of the trailer a few weeks ago, I was a huge ‘Saved’ fan back in the day, just like everyone born in the 1980s. 

The improbable reboot succeeds by following the playbook put together by ‘Cobra Kai.’ It is an equal mix of winks and nods to the cheesiness of the original while adding depth that the original – aside from caffeine pills and Johnny Dakota – never had. 

There are 10 episodes at a breezy 25-30 minutes each. It goes fast and you will want more once you get to the end. 

Rating: 4.5 Giant Zack Morris Cell Phones out of Five.

The Flight Attendant – Five of the eight episodes of the miniseries available on HBO Max

I knew nothing about this show other than I saw people tweet about it so I decided to take a flyer (no pun intended, ya goons) on it without even reading the description. 

I had a hunch that it was about a flight attendant and it turns out…I was right! The flight attendant in question is named Cassie and played wonderfully by Kailey Cucou of Big Bang Theory fame. Cassie is a bleep-house drunk who wakes up in a hotel in Bangkok one morning next to a one-night stand who has been brutally murdered. She blacked out from drinking and has no idea what happened. Mysterious!

I have seen the three episodes that are available right now. The show has some flaws and I do not love the format the story is being told in, but the mystery has me intrigued enough to keep going. They are releasing two new episodes the next two Thursdays (Dec. 3 and 10th) before releasing the finale on Thursday, December 18th. 

Verdict: Three Mini Airplane Liquor Bottles out of Five 

LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special – Available on Disney+ 

This Star Wars holiday special is lovely on so many levels and a vast improvement from the infamous 1978 special. 

The title basically spells it all out for you. It is LEGO. It is Star Wars. It is the holidays. And it is special. Enjoyable for all levels of Star Wars nerdom, but especially perfect for Star Wars fans with kids. You will get all the Star Wars in-jokes and they will love the bright, flashy LEGO silliness. 

Verdict: Four LEGO Lightsabers out of Four.